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  1. This is for 'Status updates'. Please use topics or PMs for communications. Thanks.

  2. In case you missed it he got six months. http://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/15601183.Man_who_caused_criminal_damage_during_nine_hour_police_station_roof_stand_off_jailed_for_26_weeks/?ref=fbpg Sometimes in newspaper reports you get to find out why somebody did whatever, but not with this.
  3. Critchley

    It's been a while since these were done, but see if these pages help: https://www.sthelens-connect.net/gendocs/critchley/St_Helens_Critchleys_v4.htm https://www.sthelens-connect.net/gendocs/critchley/Critchley_dav.htm
  4. I wonder if it's 'European' money? Surely, it'd have a badge on it if it was... Or is it PFI?
  5. It is World Mental Health Awareness Day, you know.
  6. I suppose it might depend on what's deemed as legitimate and if it's a nutter then he can be referred to Richard Branson. People on Facebook suggest that he'd had his dole sanctioned.
  7. We'll possibly see more inventive ways of people trying to put a roof over their heads as time goes by. Pictures are censored on the Star site and drivers and pedestrians in the vicinity are urged to avert their eyes.
  8. Don't you wonder sometiiiiiimes

    1. Dave


      'Bout Garmonbozia 

    2. RATTY


      Yes. I wonder if I'm invisible

  9. 1939 register

    There are many corrections to FMP's data on that list.
  10. 1939 register

    Patients Staff
  11. Well, not before time. It used to look awful on a phone. Inline Frame
  12. Postcode Lottery from above

    Quite a bit by the looks of it. I think I'd have worn sunglasses... and a hat... and a false beard.
  13. Some days I feel like I'm being Dougie Jones.

    1. Dave
    2. Robbob2010


      Do you feel lucky...punk? :lol:


  14. Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

    1. Thumpa lumpa

      Thumpa lumpa

      Should of put my reply here then Dave,