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  1. Alphabetical Residential listings

    If the Central Library Archives weren't closed until further notice (with no ETA whatsoever), then the Electoral Registers 'since 1870' might've been a useful resource for this particular query. In the Trade Dirs there's data from Slaters 1855, Worrals 1876 and Slaters 1895 and then the idea was abandoned because nobody was interested in helping to expand the section.
  2. Alphabetical Residential listings

    I take it that you've already seen this? http://www.sthelens-connect.net/home/tradedirs.php
  3. Landlords BEWARE!

    They spelled his forename wrong. https://www.sthelensreporter.co.uk/news/benefits-cheat-rapped-in-court-1-7459426 A determined crew of five.
  4. Things you don't see anymore

    Right or wrong, it happened, and there's no need for personal attacks regards subjective experience. Recent topic:
  5. C A and D Heaton ( Removals)

    There is a Tabern's topic Phil. You may recognise some names mentioned in it.
  6. C A and D Heaton ( Removals)

    In 1851 the area was called Cowley Vale. Cowley Vale house was on the corner where the car wash is now. Before the Lingholme pub (and before Harris Street and Lingholm Road were built) Green Lane Colliery used to be there. Denton's Green was the area by the two pubs, the Gerard and The Abbey. The road from where the Lingholm was built led to Denton's Green, hence the 'Lane' (before there was a Bishop Road or a Greenfield Road). People might have referred to that area as The Lingholme (because it was in the general vicinity of the pub), but it wasn't really called The Lingholme.
  7. Can we ?

    Re: Can we? Only if they're hosted somewhere else - preferably on hosting sites that use HTTPS (which this one is, thanks ),
  8. I'm up on the eleventh floor...

  9. Punch Tarmey's opening night

    I remember when there was a pet shop and aquarium in a previous building on that spot,
  10. Paedophile priest

    93-year-old paedophile priest claimed he 'forgot' years of sexually abusing boys (Liverpool Echo)
  11. Going through one of the usual 'suspension' periods while waiting for another breakthrough. That might change if I get around to doing the Ancestry DNA thing (in addition to the Y-DNA results I already have). It's been about 17/18 years since I got into looking at it (one of the reasons for starting this site in 2001) and interest fluctuates. Occasional exhilaration between bouts of frustration. There was a time I allowed myself to be led up the garden path by another researcher. I'd already dismissed a particular 'lead', forgotten all about it, then their interesting information seemed to fit for one particular line. Quite a few people had been duped and were excited, then about a year later that researcher discovered the census record (the one I'd forgotten about) which indicated that this particular character had never married or had children. We were still related to the line that goes back about a thousand years - and to the 'interesting' people, but not directly, as had been thought. It was like an irritating humiliation that taught a good lesson to be more careful.
  12. Things you don't see anymore

    Dot Matrix printers.
  13. St Helens Rolls Of Honour.

    Aye, I'd got some of that (posted in the sites forum), along with: Births registered Mar 1917 - Boldsworth, Charles F, Prescot 8b,1237 - mother's maiden name Lawless 1939 - 162 Dunriding Lane - Painter House Decorator, with parents Frederick Boldsworth, born 18/05/1881 - a Hawker (Tripe) and Mary P Boldsworth born 14/01/1877 - Domestic Duties Unpaid. One redacted person. Died 1992 - Whiston Hospital. Buried 18/09/1992
  14. St Helens Rolls Of Honour.

    An interesting WW2 POW story, from the St Helens Reporter in 1978. http://www.sthelensrollsofhonour.co.uk/ww2_pow_story
  15. Soul singer

    It looks like it if you read this page.