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  1. Imagination required

    The current available clubs are mainly just to show the potential of the 'feature'. It might be wasted on here, but it's a part of the package so it might as well be used.
  2. Imagination required

    Yeah, it's just a testing thing really - and because you joined I gave you the prize of being a 'leader'. Unlike the closed groups, anyone can read topics in here and they don't need to actually join. In theory they shouldn't see the new posts in the activity stream unless they've joined. Correction - anyone can see the posts in the activity stream from an open club.
  3. Imagination required

    That's what I was thinking, but the poll was about whether the Connect forum should be open to all, not the clubs. Rants would be better as a closed (members can request to join) or private (members need to accept an invitation) club - but if it was the latter then I'd need to temporarily be a member on order to be able to move posts. That's something I noticed - admins can't access a private club unless they're a member! Edit: I found the setting that allows admin to automatically be a leader in a club. Panic over.
  4. I guess that this feature is a bit of a radical change to what we've been used to. It's been up to administrators to create and moderate forums up to now, but it might be a useful thing to have as areas for members special interests. Here's how it's done. Note - in introduction, the creation of Clubs is currently restricted to members who have more than 9 posts on the site. On the main 'Clubs' index you see a button 'Start a Club'. When you've clicked on that you give the Club a name. Then you decide what sort of Club it should be. Open Everyone can see the club and its posts, but only members can participate. Everyone can join. Closed Everyone can see the club and who's in it, but only members can see posts and participate. Users need to ask a leader to join. Private (MembersD only on terms of creation, but anyone can be invited) Only members can find the club and see its posts. Users need to be invited by a leader to join. Think carefully about what sort of club it should be. Do you want it to be one that anyone can view or post in (open - like this one is), would you prefer it to be a club that people have to join to post - where you approve their membership (Closed), or should it be one that is invisible to those who haven't been invited (Private). Then there's an option where you can upload an icon for your club. When that's done, go into your newly created Club and click the 'Manage Club' button where you can add a forum for the club. The forum you create will then behave like other forums on the site - except with you being the Owner you'll be able to moderate the topics. You'll also be able to assign other members as Leaders or Moderators. If it is a Closed or Private club and if someone misbehaves or doesn't fit in then you'll be able to ban them. Along with the icon, you an also upload a background picture. I'm still trying to get my head around the concept, but it's getting clearer. Any questions? Note: Admin reserves the right to remove any content or clubs if such action is deemed appropriate.
  5. General Election

    Use your vote.
  6. Bobby Grant and Sinbad. Nice one Rob.
  7. Motor bike shops

    Looking back, NSSO had mentioned it. It was either in Kirkland or Peter Street.
  8. Motor bike shops

    ISTR 'Hartleys' ?
  9. Motor bike shops

  10. Sad Day for Ice Cream Lovers

    The Birchall name doesn't crop up in 1939 associated with the term 'Ice Cream' as occupation in St Helens C.B. (or Whiston R.D. or Rainford U.D.) but then it might have been since 1939.
  11. Sad Day for Ice Cream Lovers

    Just came to me. Wasn't there another Ice Cream maker called Mitchell's? added 5 minutes later Yes - Raglan Street. I knew I remembered the building when it was due for demolition in the 70s. http://www.sthelens-connect.net/home/1939reg.php?address=Raglan Street#entry59494 Michael - Ice Cream Vendor, Anthony - Assistant Ice Cream Vendor.
  12. Sad Day for Ice Cream Lovers

    It was most likely a trading name (like Bowie instead of Jones, etc.) while never bothering with deed poll.
  13. Sad Day for Ice Cream Lovers

    The Fredericks who lived at 46 and 52 Kirkland Street were all in the ice cream biz. Dominic at number 46 was "Motor Driver For Sale & Delivery Of Ice Creams". Albert at number 52 was "Production Manager Ice Cream Factory" along with Austin "Confectioner Ice Cream Manufacturer". The Vincents in Crowther Street (four of them still redacted) all had their surname crossed out and replaced by Vernazza, which is a bit strange. Maybe they hadn't officially changed their names?
  14. Sad Day for Ice Cream Lovers

    Back in 1939...