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  1. Ancestry DNA

    No, I didn't this time Kizzy. Maybe when the next offer comes along.
  2. Windleshaw Chantry Volunteers

    Thanks to the volunteers for finding another WW2 casualty with local connections. http://www.sthelensrollsofhonour.co.uk/wwiicasualty-989-Patrick_John_Mulqueen.html I tried to post the same link to Facebook to thank the volunteers, but Facebook are starting to be strange again, not allowing the link, with the excuse that the image shroh4.png might not be safe. Unbelievable.
  3. Moved

    1. Dave


      Uploading 1.3GB to SHROH.:blink:

  4. what does this say ?

    Can't see it without a sub.
  5. sthelens star and india call centre?

    I haven't had the Star for a few years now. They probably can't get anyone to deliver it. I'm not complaining though because it saves on having to recycle it. Plus I can always see anything on the site through the RSS (if and when I'm in a patient enough mood to endure the multitude of ads and surveys, etc.).
  6. SHROH is back on.

    1. Robbob2010


      Well done Dave!

  7. Locked people on 1939 census

    @hiss A search that doesn't give much information is 'free', but for details you need to subscribe. Then even with the subscription there are still records of individuals in households who are locked/redacted. This is because there are a fair number of people who are still alive, but there are also a fair number of people who are dead - but without any proof, like the suggested death certificate, they won't unlock them.
  8. Ancestry DNA

    Thanks sincerely for your testament Kizzy (love you, always will.... probably)
  9. Ancestry DNA

    Yet people are perfectly fine about government departments having access to details about every website they've been on and how often, who they have emailed, phoned or sent texts to, etc. So what if my DNA does make it onto some police list (unlikely). Since I'm not a criminal then it'll be a bit of a waste of space, won't it?
  10. Ancestry DNA

    I thought that I'd bring this subject up, first of all because there's an offer of a 25% discount until the 3rd of August and secondly to ask about the experiences of those who have sent off a kit and received the results. As I've mentioned (seemingly frequently) I did the Family Tree DNA version of the tests looking primarily at the Y-DNA markers results for a surnames project. That was useful for the project and finding out, back through the fathers, that I'm a Viking, etc. But that's only a minuscule part of my ancestry and it leaves out lots of other information. Viking indeed, my daughter occasionally looks at me and she'll say "Dad, are you sure you're not an Iraqi?" A slightly swarthy complexion compared to peers I've occasionally been quizzed as to whether I'm a 'foreigner', but all I've ever found while doing genealogy is endless English after English (not even any Irish, Welsh or Scottish). So maybe the question needs to be put to bed. So, who has done this test and did you have any surprises or shocks? Did you find any new or confirm suspected relationships?
  11. Lesters in St Helens

    Do any of these Lesters originate from Great Sankey or other Warrington districts with a spelling like 'Leicester'?
  12. Windleshaw Chantry Volunteers

    'before' Looks a lot better now Ned. http://www.sthelensrollsofhonour.co.uk/casualty-342-Joseph_Chisnall.html http://www.sthelensrollsofhonour.co.uk/wwiicasualty-78-Leslie_Joseph_Chisnall.html
  13. accidental curator

  14. Robbob's photos have been something essential regards this site's state of being for some of the past few years. He is loved. I'm not messing about - really really appreciated Rob - they are appreciated. The others might take it all for granted, but they're probably very shallow or deficient regards cognitive spacial awareness. lots of other things going on, and stuff.