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  1. 1876 Birth

    Possibly married outside the country (Ireland?). I couldn't find one either. It seems as though they were passing through the town too, because they don't seem to show up on any census.
  2. Haulage contractor, Fingerpost

    That's right, but spelled Coop. As I say, just with one name I was able to make the connection (4th cousin 1x removed). Her dad was Eric Ronald F.
  3. Haulage contractor, Fingerpost

    Somewhere towards Pemberton, Wigan, if detective skills are right. added 19 minutes later Fillinghams haulage also had a place in King Street. I don't know if it was just for repairs, or whatever, but we used to annoy the hell out of them, getting 'cogs' on the back of the lorries as they drove off. I was unaware that the blokes who shouted at us and chased us off might have been relatives.
  4. How are you geting on with your Family Tree?

    In all it is a fantastic web experience. The programming involved is just top notch - much better than the supposedly cutting edge stuff on some of the 'social media' sites. Then again at those prices it should be. There's still something missing with it though - something that is waiting to happen.
  5. Haulage contractor, Fingerpost

    Thanks. With that name I was able to work out that the haulage contractor family are related (common ancestors Antony Fillingham 1781-1821 and Ann Hill 1779-?).
  6. Local History Night

  7. How are you geting on with your Family Tree?

    Hmmm, I've just seen someone's tree come crashing down. A few weeks ago when I rejoined Ancestry I noticed that someone had saved a picture of my g g uncle Frank Bennett (y'know, the occultist one), so out of interest I dropped them a line to ask if they were related. They said that they were but stated that I'd got the tree wrong. Frank's dad (my g g grandfather) was Reuben and you see there were two Reuben Bennetts in the area and I had obviously chosen the wrong path and got the ancestors all wrong. She had some people called James and Alice as Reuben's parents, whereas I had a Frank and a different Alice. Her James had a father called Samuel, whose father was Thomas, the son of another Thomas. It looked great, with pictures and plenty sources to back it all up - except it was all wrong. She was right with Reuben and his wife Hannah, but I've just shown her a scan of their marriage certificate, which clearly states that Reuben's father was Frank Bennett (deceased). Do you know what her 'sources' were? Other peoples trees. She's going to have plenty people to delete - lines going up from the wives and everything. I don't get any pleasure from this, but it reinforces my notion that there are some people on Ancestry who will just add anything to make their trees bigger.
  8. How are you geting on with your Family Tree?

    I've been spending quite a bit of time on Ancestry.co.uk lately, getting a little bit further back on some lines and generally adding and filling in details that I've found for closer relatives (puzzle always getting bigger). The renewed subscription (and anticipated DNA results) has been interesting. I think that the last time I actually subscribed was about a decade ago and I dropped it because I thought that I'd exhausted all leads - besides a notion that I feel that these subscriptions shouldn't be so expensive. Still, I have to admit that Ancestry has improved a lot in that decade. I like how it generates an editable 'life story' for each person in a tree, the expansion of available records, plus how easy it is to add people that you might otherwise leave out - just with a few clicks after seeing some census details or other info. You do need to apply some thought to things that you find though, because I'm seeing some ridiculous trees, where the ability to do things with those few clicks has had members adding things with little actual analysis of potential problems in relationships. Others then copy this information, thinking that it is right and then some wild speculation turns into 'facts'. I was having a look at the people who have better access to my tree the other night and I noticed the name of a contact I'd forgotten about from 2007 - a second cousin. I looked at her profile and saw that it said she hadn't been on for over a year. I though that maybe she could be tempted to participate again - even if she didn't subscribe. Then I found her in my tree and saw that there was a new (to me) 'hint'. Then I was a bit shocked to find that she'd died in 2010 - aged 51. Oh....
  9. Used to go on plenty similar nights out on coaches, Blackburn, Blackpool, Manchester, usually arranged from my Turks Head haunt of the time, and picked up from Birchley Street. The usual motivation was to get off with women - advantage being that they didn't already know us. It was probably fun but I don't remember much about it.
  10. Local History Night

    Just spotted this.
  11. How are you geting on with your Family Tree?

    Still waiting for mine. I sent the sample back on the day the kit arrived (3 weeks ago) and then a week later they emailed to say that it had arrived there. Somebody who posted theirs at Christmas only got the results last week, so it's looking like it'll be April.
  12. How are you geting on with your Family Tree?

    I think I remember seeing a death record that seemed to fit him - late 1870s or 1880s.
  13. How are you geting on with your Family Tree?

    When doing a tree, amongst ancestors and relatives you might find ones that you're tempted to brag about, but how often do we find despicable ones that should really be left buried and for nobody to know about? My gg grandmother's family in Lechlade, Gloucestershire must've been filled with embarrassment, horror, and shame at the antics of her cousin George. Someone told me a while ago when I first started looking at this branch that one of the cousins was jailed. The first three reports concern a disgusting case of robbery with violence against a young woman. He's described as 'a kind of half-witted looking youth'. He must have got that from his mother's side... A country bumpkin robber and sex offender. Reading Mercury &c. 13/06/1874 Reading Observer 18/06/1974 Reading Mercury &c. 11/07/1874 As if that wasn't bad enough, it gets worse. Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard 08/07/1876 The Swindon Advertiser 17/07/1876
  14. Ancestry DNA

    Kit is on its way. It'll be interesting to see how English I'll be.
  15. Around St.Helens

    This one.