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  1. City Road, on the site of what was the Park Hotel. Or is it North Road? Some maps have City Road starting at St Mark's Gate, but the Park Hotel was down as being in North Road in 1939 and the flats appear to have a North Road address according to property websites.
  2. It's unpopular to vilify the Japanese these days. Maybe it should be renamed to 'Jihadi Knotweed'
  3. Well done, you've got a response on Twitter.
  4. Dizzy in the head, and I'm feeling blue
    Things you say well maybe they're true

  5. until
  6. until
    And one the day before at Newton
  7. until
  8. Perfect. You'll know what to do next time.
  9. Idea alert. @kizzy Any chance you can put this event into the Calendar (spanning however many days it lasts)? It'll be better for things like this because they'll show in the sidebar, where topics can end up buried. The reason why the calendar wasn't used much before was because it was buggy, but it's OK now. Go on - be brave.
  10. Sorry about the down-time. There was some 'server maintenance'.

  11. Hey, look at this - http://www.sthelens-connect.net/home/1939reg.php?surname=stavely Her dad was a retired police inspector, her mum a housewife, and as expected she was a school teacher.
  12. I've seen class photos from Rivi before and after when I was there. They must've thought it to be more modern (or more profitable) to do the individual mugshots. I don't know what it was, but I do feel a bit envious when I see other class photos.
  13. For some mad reason there were never any class photographs when I went to school. Sure, they'd come in and snap us as individuals and then they'd try to flog them to our parents, but that was it.
  14. Needs something along the lines of an Ellerington Tornado.