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    Miners strike

    By Pete,
    If yer'rintrested, channel 4 at 7pm is about the miners strike in 1984 with Scargils mob, should be worth watching and taping.

    Peasley Cross

    By Gricey,
    Peasley Cross was the first team Bob Grice signed for in 1922 when he was 15 and we would like to know more about the club. He also played for St Helens and Sutton Commercial. We want some info because when he starts to remember, you usually get some good stories.   gricey

    Does anyone know...

    By splus,
    ..where this was?   Ebless Lane Square House, Parr   It's an address for one of my relations on the 1881 Census. I have never heard of it and can't find it on the old maps link.

    1851 Census

    The Undertaker
    By The Undertaker,
    If any kind person has a 1851 Census would they be so kind as to search for the Cook Family, Farmers, living on St Helens Road.   Also are Hill School Farm and Valencia Farm one of the same

    Hill - Mercer

    By Dave,
    My head is a bit done in over this... I've just recently gone back over my old emails and - I'm not sure but I might have found my g g grandmother... The above info was sent to me in an email in March 2001' date=' and I'd dismissed it... but I'm looking into it again. I've checked the batch number and as well as Sarah - if this is right - I've got her sister Mary, Christened in 1827, and brother John, Christened on 11 October 1831 (All at New Chapel Independent - Where would 'New Chapel Independent' be?). All children of Matthew and Martha Hill. Now - going off the info in the email - should I believe that her mother Martha's surname was 'Sutton', or should I think that they came from the Sutton area and that a marriage I've just found on IGI Film number 456838 - of Matthew Hill (b. abt. 1800) and Martha Mercer (b.abt. 1804) on 8 June 1825 would be more like it? Hmmm... here we go again... I'll explain why I'm not sure. I think I dismissed the christening record because I'd assumed that Sarah's mother was called Sarah Hill. The christening for Sarah (Hill) Critchley matches with her age on the buriel record at St Helens Cemetery. Calculate: Mar 1826 - Feb 1973 = 46 yrs 11mths Sarah Critchley was Sarah Hill before she married Henry Critchley. I know this because it says so on their wedding certificate (which gives her father's name as Matthew Hill), and also on the birth certificate of their daughter Sarah Ellen Critchley. The problem is that I'd always assumed that Sarah Hill - died age 75 in 1881 was Sarah's mother - Henry's mother-in-law. Why else would she be buried in that grave? Theory: this Sarah Hill might have been Matthew Hill's second wife - maybe Martha died earlier. So she'd be Sarah Critchley-nee Hill's step mother... maybe? Another reason why this Martha may have been Sarah Critchley-nee Hill's mother is because it looks as though one of Henry and Sarah's earliest children was a girl called Martha - and if it was right it'd look something like this:     Matthew Hill born abt. 1800 Martha Mercer born about 1804.   Married: 08 JUN 1825 Saint Helens, Lancashire, England Sarah Hill, born abt. 1826, died 1873 Mary Hill, born abt.1827 John Hill, born abt 1831   Sarah Hill (1826 - 1873_   Henry Critchley (1824 - 1882)   Married on 9 Jul 1843 at Rainford Chapel     Henry Martha Mary Margaret Sarah Ellen So where does Sarah Hill - born about 1806, died 1882 fit in? Befuddled...

    Lancashire Books

    By Dave,
    A great list of books - with a section about St Helens publications.   Lancashire Books

    Theatre Royal

    Sister Twix
    By Sister Twix,
    Probably a bit of a long-shot, but am really desperate for any information relating to the Theatre Royal (Corportation Street), specifically dating from when it was built in 1885 and including the tragedies that it suffered, the fire in the 1890's and when the ceiling collapsed in 1945.   Any information/stories/photographs/web-links etc etc which you may feel may assist will be greatly appreciated.


    By splus,
    Just found out that my grandmother's maiden name was Rigby.   Annie Rigby married James White and lived in Booth St, Thatto Heath, St Helens. She died in the 1950s. I can probably refine those dates as I have the death cert somewhere.   Can anyone help me with details of Annie's family?

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