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    Barrow - Dearden - Lynan 1912 - 1945

    By sjfalbs,
    I am trying to track down info with regards to the mother of George Barrow (born 1912 died 26th July 1945 he was married to Lilian Lynan and from looking at the birth registry all I know is that his mothers maiden name was Dearden ?     Also if anyone can provide any links to the name Lynan (possibly Fingerpost / Pocket Nook area would greatly appreciate it !   many thanks

    Thomas Johnson

    By Hugh,
    In the 1851 Census there is this entry 51 Copper works Thomas JOHNSON, head, M, 49, copper smelter, b. Lancs, Parr Stocks Margaret, wife, M, 40, b. Dublin Richard, son, U, 18, laboure, b. Lancs, St Helens James, son, 10, b. Lancs, Sutton Catherine, daughter, 1, b. Lancs, Sutton   53 Copper Works Isaac JOHNSON, head, M, 29, copper smelter, b. Lancs, Glazebrook Mary, wife, M, 26, b. Lancs, Parr Margaret, daughter, 4, b. Lancs, Sutton Maria, daughter, 2, b. Lancs, Sutton James Dutton 25 lodger Lab Parr William Cockburn 26 Lab Cheshire Appelton Samuel ?hinges 25 Lancs Glazebrook Dose any one know anything about The Thomas Johnson he would have been born about 1811 I am wondering if the is any relation to Isaac my GGD Hugh


    By bryan,
    Seeking any info on Denis Mooney b c 1820 Ireland,-wife ? Mary. Known children- daughter Sarah b 1850 - son Dennis b 1856-died 1868, Sarah m John Devlin (Davlin) Dec 1868-at that time living in Parr St, Other names involved-Kilgallon/Bryant/Ryan/Pye/Mulroy. Any info appreciated especially the Mooney's as I don't know what other sibblings there was Regards Brenda

    Tracing My U.K. Family Tree from America

    By Scooter,
    I just became a member and actually thus far I am quite confused on how to use this website. I am looking for any information about Katherine Fishwich, she was my great grandmother. She was born in 1878 and died in 1959. She married William Dace and had 4 children that I am aware of. William "Bill" Henry Dace, Elsie Dace, John Gregory Dace (my grandfather), Francis "Frank" Dace. In 1956 my parents and I were able to go and visit with my mothers family and at that time my Great Grandmother was living in St. Helen's. If anyone can help me with any information, I would be very appreciative. Thank you for your time. Valerie


    By daveshome,
    Jacks.   Do you remember playing Jacks has a kid, we could never afford then from the shops so we ran off down to the Clay Hole and made our own, they was great, we used to play Piggy too! it was a about 3 inches cut off a brush steal and sharpened to a point, then you got a length of the same steal about two and a half foot long, you then put the pointy bit on a brick, you hit the pointy bit with the stick on the sharp bit and it shot up in the air, when it stopped in between going up and coming down you hit it with the stick, or has we used to say you "Give it a Sally wanger" God knows what I sally Wanger was but you give it one, you then marked the distance from the brick to the Piggy with how many strides it took, dont know what the object of the game was we only seamed to start it but I cant remember ever finishing a game.   And the girls playing ball, they used to do it with two balls on to the side of a wall and sing a little ditty at the same time, then after a while they would start jumping over in has it bounced off the wall, they would tuck there frocks up there knicker legs out of the road, all that leg was quite exciting for a little boy in short pants, some times they would turn themselves upside down against the wall with their leg up in the air and all there Navy Blues on show to the world and his brother, this sort of behaviour quite turned the head of that small boy in short pants.   Do you remember playing "All join on" in the playground of the school, and you made the littlest one get on the end and went round that fast that they shot off and skidded down the playground taking lumps of skin off here and there. And stonies, we called them stonies other kids called them Allies or Marbles, we used to go and get them from Pilks at Washway Lane, they was small balls of glass that was used to make Fibreglass, but when they stopped using them they dumped them in the sidings at Washway Lane, we used to get that many then that I am forever digging them up in my garden even now, but we had huddles of fun with them, we had them stonies and we had big Ball bearings that we called Iron Bobbers, all great fun for a kid in short pants.   A sad for the passed. Daveshome.

    Anderton look ups please

    By dawnparfitt,
    My gt gt grandad was a medical botanist/herbalist. He owned a Shop at 37 Shaw St, St. Helens facing the station. In 1915-1918 that I know of he live with 2nd wife Annie Anderton and sister Alice Anderton. I know he died in 1918 at Shaw St and was 61. Annie had the business in 1924 as a herbalist that I know of. could anyone find out anymore info for me?Pleeeeeease!   My email is dawnparfitt@onetel.com   Many thanks


    By Olliebeak,
    Trying to find SMITH family with ties to HARDMAN/HARMON family in Fingerpost around 1900's.   My mother's family name is SEPHTON, descended from HARDMAN family.   Ollie


    By Olliebeak,
    Trying to find DOHERTY family to tie in with HARDMAN/HARMON family in Fingerpost around 1900's.   My mother's family name is SEPHTON descended from HARDMAN family.   Ollie

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